Inspection Services

We offer a variety of inspection services; Pre-purchase Inspections, Insurance Estimates, Mechanical Inspections and more.

Thinking of buying a boat?

Many people know what they are looking for when shopping for a boat. Basic shape and “curb appeal” are at the top of the list. But, there are certain aspects of boat buying that some people overlook. Many of my customers come to me and ask, “Is this a good boat for me?” That question could and should be answered by the buyer himself. But, “Is this a good boat?” is a question for your local mechanic and surveyor. Surveying a boat is somewhat common in the larger vessels, but most people are not aware that an inspection of the mechanics of the craft is readily available.

I started mechanical inspections for customers almost 10 years ago. I came upon the idea of performing inspections after several people brought me their newly acquired boat for service only to have me discover there was a serious problem with the engine or drive. These problems I discovered would usually cost several thousand dollars to correct. The typical response when I tell them this is, “Why couldn’t someone have told me this before I bought the boat?”

Don’t let this happen to you. Mike’s Mobile Marine MECHANICAL INSPECTION Is the Answer!

Mike’s Mobile Marine Mechanical inspection

My mechanical inspection is comprehensive and includes three separate sections:

Drive System

I do both visual and running inspection of the drive system. I check the system for strike damage to the prop, prop shaft and housings. I inspect for corrosion and proper fit of shafts and steering gear. I check the drive or transmission gear for fluid condition and presence of water. The transom boots and bellows are also inspected for damage and age related problems. The engine is then run and the drive is shifted into forward, neutral and reverse to check for proper adjustment and smooth operation. The shift assist system is also checked for proper adjustment and operation. The drives, trim and tilt mechanism are inspected as well.


I also do both visual and running inspection of the engine. The entire engine is inspected for visible damage. I look for aftermarket or non-OEM installed items. The flame arrestor is removed and the carburetor is inspected. The engine block, exhaust manifolds, coolers and pumps are inspected for freeze damage and leaks. The distributor cap is removed and the ignition system is inspected for condition. I then run the engine to proper operating temperature and listen for knocks, taps, and misfires of any kind. Vitals are noted from the gauges on the dashboard. The engine is shut off and a compression check is performed with each cylinder value noted.

Boat systems related to operating the engine and drive

The remote control unit is cycled and checked for smooth operation. The instruments, the bilge pump, bilge blower and running lights are all cycled and checked. The steering wheel is turned and checked for proper fit and function.

All gauge and instrument readings are noted, and I include a page with comments and recommendations. Anything I find that is sub-standard will get a notation in the section in which it appears and will receive a corresponding comment and recommendation. I do not perform diagnostics on items that do not function. They are simply noted for diagnose/repair or replace in the final comments. Diagnostics and estimates for repair are to be done at a later date and are typically negotiated between the buyer and seller.

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